The International Home Poster Project

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International Home Poster Project

Lucie Mucovicova

The Czech flag

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Yael Shinkar

On the dismantling of a Home

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Semra Karatas

Konuş konuşa bilirsen
Speak, if you can

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Ongun Akay

Ülkenle oynatma!
Do not let anyone play with your country!

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Mehmet Atılay Hüsnüoğlu

Unutulmaması gereken değerler
Values that should not be forgotten

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Natalie Smith

Addressing the German cultural stereotype.."Bratwurst? No, Beethoven!"

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Katerina Hadravova

During the time of Socialism in former Czechoslovakia, the citizenry used to participate in mass gymnastics at large venues like Strahov stadium in Prague. The uniform shoes connote the conformity of society during the time of socialism and the one shoe which is different tells the story of change in the Czech Republic since then.

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