The International Home Poster Project

Students relate to the topic in poster media

International Home Poster Project


The Home Poster Project, Exhibitions and online presence are the result of several workshops held in Design academies across the world. The workshops are led by Yasha Rozov, a design activist, educator and curator operating out of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The Workshops have been held in:

• Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta, The Turkish Republic
• Holon Institute of technology, Israel
• J.E.Purkyne FUU&D Usti Nad Labem, The Czech Republic
• AFAD, Bratislava, The Slovak Republic
• West Bohemia University, Plzen, The Czech Republic
• WIZO Academy of Art & Design, Haifa, Israel

Workshops are structured around contemplating the theme of Home in word and in actions and comprise a process which results in every student authoring a poster.

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