The International Home Poster Project

Students relate to the topic in poster media

International Home Poster Project

Holon Exhibit

Ongun AkayÜlkenle oynatma!
Do not let anyone play with your country!

The current exhibition will be on display at the Holon Mediatheque in Israel from the 16th of April till May 1st. Participating students from the Holon Institute of Technology Communication Design Dept. and students from Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey.

The concept of “Home” is universal and deep-rooted. We regard our national home or our physical home. Our childhood home has lasting effects upon us. We feel at home within our own culture to various degrees and visiting another culture we reflect upon our own. We love our home, we are ambivalent towards it …we go seeking greener pastures but rarely are we indifferent to it.The posters presented here were selected for this exhibition based on their clarity of communication and design. You will see some explanations alongside these posters. These are necessary to introduce the issues dealt with which are far and wide and some very local. The students were instructed to use their mother tongue and not try to please anyone by translating their work into English. This has proved instrumental in the process of developing their ideas, since they could fully identify with their subjects and mine what their languages and local idioms had to offer, without grappling with a language that is not part of their standard set of tools.